Fostering is a wonderful way to get your family involved and it is a great teaching moment for the whole family.

To see a dog go from broken and scared, to happy and confident, is a beautiful transformation. 

Old Dominion provides medical care, food, collar, leash, toys, and a crate. You provide the love, attention, and basic training and there you have the recipe for success!

After you fill out the foster application, we will help match you to the best dog for you or your family. We have the right dog for your situation, whether it be small, medium, or large dogs.  We also have puppies of all ages and even pregnant moms that need homes to birth their puppies in. 

Yes there are a few rules we have for our fosters to ensure the safety of the dog and the family, but we have a handbook to go over with you and you will have a copy to refer back to.

Most of our communication is done on a members only  Facebook page that you will be added to once you are an approved foster. This is the best way for us to all work together as a team to get the dogs taken care of. 



What if I fall in love with my foster?

Fosters have the option of adopting their foster dog. Once we get an application in we contact you,then you have 24 hrs to say yay or nay before we even respond to the applicant. 

What if my foster doesnt work out in my home?

We have a very flexible system that allows you to "swap" out a new foster dog. Just think of it as a little slumber party for that 1st foster dog. 

Will my foster dog come fully vetted?

If you prefer your foster dog is fully vetted we certainly do have dogs that are vetted. But most of our foster dogs are in need of a foster home while we complete the vet work on them.

How will I trust a dog I don't know the background to?

90% of our dogs have very extensive temp tests done before they even come to us. We prefer to not focus on the past with these dogs, yet we focus on the future.

From our Fosters...


Foster Mommy

There is a running joke with my family and friends that I only bought my house for my dogs and to foster... 5 months and 36 fosters later there might be some truth to the statement.

Fostering for me is my all time favorite hobby. I’m a huge animal advocate with a firm belief that mutts make great pets and shelter dogs make the best. Not only do I get the privilege of seeing puppies grow into having huge personalities that sometimes I can only shake my head at or a dog from a hoarding case go from hunkering down in a corner to prancing around my house with my dogs - fostering has helped my own dogs become more well adjusted. Between my 2 dogs I have a princess and a senior. Over the last 5 months my princess has learn to share toys to the extent of playing tug of war and my senior is way more energetic all while having fun letting puppies chase him around the house versus his normal couch potato self. They love the fosters more than me because if I go a day or 2 without one my princess will go on a food strike for a day just to show me how upset she is with me.

Is it sad to have to say goodbye? Of course - the feels are definitely there but it’s all worth it when you get that text or email update (or see that Instagram post) that shows how happy your fur monster is now doing that all you can do is smile and know you might of been that deciding factor on that dog finding it’s furever home vs being euthanized just because of space.

And the best part of all - you now have a new family yourself. You become a part of the wonderful world of fostering with such amazing people that are there when you need to vent cause there’s a shredded stick on your couch, to lean on for advice on how to train dogs and become that alpha figure, or become a hiking buddy cause dogs need their exercise and we all needs our steps for the day.

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WE need foster homes..

Senior Adult

Hi my name is Po Boy! I’m 13 years old and 35lbs. My owner died and I am now looking for my retirement home.

P - Placid and calm, I am one of those guys that just needs a comfy place to lay and I'm satisfied.

O - Oh, you want to go for a ride in the car?! That's one of my favorite things so far. I ride shotgun and curl up for a nice nap before we reach our destination.

B - Beach! I got to visit one recently and it was fun to smell all the smells and hang out with my humans.

O - Offspring, aka kids, I for sure like the ones who know how to give me my personal space and not poke at me like a small toddler might. I have spent a lot of time with two 9 year olds recently and we get along great.

Y - Yes, I do have some medical issues that need to be addressed and the humans can tell you all about those (or you can read below). I promise to be a great companion. I might even be fine in a home with dogs that are chill/calm like me, but it might take me a while to acclimate/accept them. I know for sure I would be good as your only pet.

Medical Notes: I will need a dental in the future (talk to the humans at Helping Hands in Richmond, VA about their great deal on that).  I am heartworm positive, but I was treated on June 11 and 12 and my "low activity" time will be up July 11. Please be sure to keep me on heartworm prevention so I don't have to go through this again.

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