Fostering is a wonderful way to get your family involved and it is a great teaching moment for the whole family.

To see a dog go from broken and scared, to happy and confident, is a beautiful transformation. 

Old Dominion provides medical care, food, collar, leash, toys, and a crate. You provide the love, attention, and basic training and there you have the recipe for success!

After you fill out the foster application, we will help match you to the best dog for you or your family. We have the right dog for your situation, whether it be small, medium, or large dogs.  We also have puppies of all ages and even pregnant moms that need homes to birth their puppies in. 

Yes there are a few rules we have for our fosters to ensure the safety of the dog and the family, but we have a handbook to go over with you and you will have a copy to refer back to.

Most of our communication is done on a members only  Facebook page that you will be added to once you are an approved foster. This is the best way for us to all work together as a team to get the dogs taken care of. If you do not already have a Facebook account - please make one prior to foster training.



What if I fall in love with my foster?

Fosters have the option of adopting their foster dog. Once we get an application in we contact you,then you have 24 hrs to say yay or nay before we even respond to the applicant. 

What if my foster doesnt work out in my home?

We have a very flexible system that allows you to "swap" out a new foster dog. Just think of it as a little slumber party for that 1st foster dog. 

Will my foster dog come fully vetted?

If you prefer your foster dog is fully vetted we certainly do have dogs that are vetted. But most of our foster dogs are in need of a foster home while we complete the vet work on them.

How will I trust a dog I don't know the background to?

90% of our dogs have very extensive temp tests done before they even come to us. We prefer to not focus on the past with these dogs, yet we focus on the future.

WE need foster homes..



Hi my name is Seth! I’m 7 years old and weigh about 65 lbs.

I’m a sweet guy looking for a comfy couch, bed, or dog bed to rest my paws on. BUT, I can also be an active guy too. I love walks and nature hikes. The volunteers think I do my best walking using an Easy Walk harness. I ride well in the car....especially when the volunteers take me for an ice cream, I’m also in love with peanut butter! I get along fine with almost all other dogs, but not cats. I’m not much of a barker, if you like the “quiet type.” I’d love for you to come meet me. See you soon!



Hi my name is Harvey! I’m 3.5 years old. I was recently returned to ODHS after being adopted as a puppy 3.5 years ago. I'm looking for an active family that will help me get "fit" again and give me lots of outlets for physical and mental stimulation. If left to my own devices, I will tend to revert to behaviors that you may not like.

I do not do well with young children because I can be nippy (I'm an expert herder - it's part of me, so be prepared to give me outlets for that). Potential jobs for me could be herding livestock, chasing balls or frisbees, or doing fun dog sports like agility.


Hi, I'm Ollie! I'm about 10 years old & weigh approximately 90 lbs, though I could lose about 10. I love going on walks with my human. I get along fine with other dogs as long as they aren't annoying me by constantly getting in my personal space, so another older guy or gal like me would be ideal. I'd also prefer older kids as I don't like to be climbed on or have my fluffy tail pulled.. who would?! I like to be in the presence of my humans & sleeping in their room. I like to roam the house during the day & to snooze on the couch. If you're not looking, I'll be sure to steal any food that I'm able to reach (trash included). I'm a great alert dog, making sure my humans know when unauthorized people or animals come near the house. I'm a good boy. I also love being groomed (brushed, bathed, hairdryer, etc.) although I may need to be muzzled when trimming my nails. If you scratch my butt, I'll never leave you alone. I also need to lose a little weight. One of the volunteers took me to Jazzercise across the street. I didn’t work out, but all the ladies there sure loved me to pieces!

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