Dog  Spotlight!


Hello, it's me Aggy!  I'm 4.5 years old and 28.5 lbs (I am adorably petite and the perfect size).  

Do you like to go for ice cream? Rides in the car with no destination in mind? Shopping at dog friendly stores like Dog Krazy, Lowes, Battlefield Country Store?  Nature or sight seeing walks?  Me too!  I just love the variety of going new and fun places.  

When I am at home, I love ALL the TOYS! I am happy to be surrounded by humans or I can chill off to the side for a good nap too.  I don't need miles and miles of walks or runs daily, but some good outside time that I can run around, catch balls, and get the zoomies out - would be a good scenario for me.  Again the key to exercise with me is add a little variety into it!  Don't let me get bored, keep exercise fresh and new.

Good with other dogs? YES!!! But I do like to be the leader of the group in a long term scenario (like if you have another dog already).  I do well at doggy daycare because everyday the pack is new and I get to use my brain to figure things out.  

Skills/Manners?  Yes, I know “sit”, “paw”, and “lay”.  I am a good girl in the house and I know that potty is for outside.  I crate well, walk wonderfully on a leash, and I would be interested in doing further training with you, if that's your thing.  The humans have mentioned I would be a natural athlete for things like doggy sports.  When I ride in the car, I prefer shotgun, gives me better views of the world - but I can be a backseat driver too if needed.

Humans?  I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I do hear the humans saying I am one of their favorites.  They take me out regularly for all these great activities.  One special, young guy really has my heart and I get so excited when it's time for our "dates".  




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