Here are some resources that you should review and take action on immediately if you are planning to adopt a dog:

Best ways to contact us: 

● Email: 

● Messenger on our Facebook page (Old Dominion Humane Society) 

1. Select a Food - feeding your dog healthy food is key (our recommendations are): 

● Pro Pac (Overland Red-Beef/Potato) - all life stages food (currently what your dog is being fed at ODHS

● Essence - all life stages high protein food 

● Venture - grain and potato free. Great for allergy prone dogs. 

● VeRUS - all life stages grain in food. Loaded with probiotics 

● Earthborn - all life stages grain and potato free 

● Fromm - all life stages (Grain-in and Grain-free). Recommend their large breed puppy food. 

● Nutrisource - all life stages food (Grain-in and Grain-free) 

● Pure Vita - all life stages grain free food 

● Zignature - all life stages grain, chicken, egg, and potato free. Great for dogs with allergies. 

● Sojo’s - dehydrated food. Great for weight loss and picky eaters. 

● Grandma Lucy’s - dehydrated food. Great for weight loss and picky eaters. 

● Honest Kitchen - dehydrated food. Great alternative to raw food. 

● Dave’s - large variety of canned food for dogs and cats (currently supplement for small puppies) 

● Primal - raw diet and freeze dried diet 

● Steve’s - raw diet for dogs and cats 

● K9 Kravings - bulk raw food for dogs 

● Weruva - canned food for dogs and cats. Wonderful for pets that need a low fat diet. 

● Koha - canned food for dogs and cats. Low fat formulas. Great for picky eaters


○ Avoid commercial brands like Purina, Pedigree, Eukanuba, Iams, Beneful, Alpo, Kibbles and Bits, etc. These foods are full of fillers and harmful chemicals. We highly recommend consulting with Dog Krazy should you have any pet nutrition questions/concerns. 

○ Foods from the list can be found at Dog Krazy and/or online at (in most cases), some at Petsmart, Petco, PetValue. 

○ See Top Myths About Pet Food and Nutrition. 

2. Shopping List 

● Food 

● Collar or harness - recommend martingale/no-slip collar 

● Leash - recommend slip lead (don’t use a retractable leash

● Bowls for eating and drinking (stainless steel; and slow feed bowl if needed) 

● Crate (should be big enough for me to stand up and turn around) 

● ID tag for my collar or collar with ID printed on it. 

● Dog bed 

● Chew toys - (no rawhides) 

● Poop bags 

● Training treats 

● Puppy pads (if young puppy) 

● 100% pure pumpkin (canned); (not pumpkin pie mix/filling) 

Adoption Resource Guide