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Volunteering can be easy with ODHS. We offer community service hours, hours for work projects and even partner with many Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts groups. Anyone can come volunteer at our adoption events, but if you would like to come volunteer on your own, you will need to complete an orientation. 


Volunteer Training 

All volunteers must complete an application, sign a waiver and participate in a volunteer training session.

Under 18 need guardian signature on Volunteer Waiver Form to participate and guardian must volunteer with anyone under age 18.

Once you complete the application it will be reviewed and you will be invited to an upcoming training.

*Plan for training to be about two hours and dress appropriately as it will be hands on.*

Volunteer opportunities 

Walking dogs: 
  After you have completed the orientation you are able to come and go as you please! Walk as many dogs as you may like! (Must be 15 or older to walk the dogs!) The dogs love to walk around the block.

Adoption center: 
  The adoption center has ALL KINDS of daily tasks that need to be done. Examples of such tasks are: Laundry, Cleaning crates from trasnports, cleaning the kennels, filling peanut butter bones, cuddling the dogs, mopping, sweeping etc. 

Transport Team:
  Joining our transport team is an easy way to help out. We have dogs being ran all over town to and from vet appointments, picked up from shelters, and dropped off to fosters. All you need is a Valid drivers license. 

Doggy Field Trips:
You can take a dog out for the day. Go downtown for some ice cream OR a nice stroll on the canal path! Whatever you do just take a ton of photos to help  get them adopted!

Paperwork team:
There are alot of things that need to be scanned, emailed, filed etc. We always need savy paperwork helpers!

Off Site adoption events:
  ODHS does adoption events at Petco/ Dog Krazy/ Petsmart etc and we rely on volunteers to man these events. join the team to help advocate for the dogs and find them forever homes.

Puppy Party attendee:
  ODHS hosts "puppy partys" to help raise money to care for the dogs. We always need volunteers to hep chaperone these partys! You get to snuggle with puppies for a bit all while helping raise money!

ODHS is busy busy busy!! You can jump right in and help as little or as much as you would like

Smokey in the yard
Luv me!
GreenSpace Snuggles
Bolt is everyones fav!
Happy Beth on the trail!
Jr volunteer snuggles
lots of walkies!!
Nome on a pack walk!
Bolts fav-PACKWALKS!
Jr cleaner!
Tots on downtown!
Pack Hikes!
Yardtime :)
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