Dog  Spotlight!


Are you looking for an adventure partner? I don’t mean we need to hike the Appalachian Trail together, but I’d be up for it if you were. I’m the kind of guy that needs a few brisk walks or runs a day and then I can chill out and chew on a peanut butter bone (my favorite) or play a mind game of “get the kibble out of the Kong toy”. I am a smart boy, so I always figure out a way to solve the games you will give me. Every once in a while, I might even like to have my meals fed in a “toy” that I have to work to get the food out. I love car rides and I am a very good boy for those. I get so excited when I find out the car ride is leading to a park adventure or to a yummy treat like ice cream. On outings, I am such a polite boy and will interact nicely with other dogs and other humans. I always get lots of compliments from humans that pass by and see how well behaved I am.


I don’t like to brag, but I am the favorite of all the volunteers at ODHS. I even recognize certain cars when they pull up to the building and I know they are coming to see me. I am usually the first dog they take outside, because I have excellent potty manners and I know how to hold it and not mess in my kennel. You will be impressed when you see my manners for yourself. Treats are the secret key to my training. If you need me to do something, then have those yummy training treats handy and I am puddy in your hands. I am still a young guy at 2 years of age, so I am definitely not too old to teach new tricks. Just like kids, dogs thrive on boundaries and expectations, and I am happy to please you. I am about 40-45lbs (mostly legs) and keep in good shape, but I can certainly splurge on some extra calories to gain a few pounds (Yes, I told the humans to put that in here).


I know a lot of humans are looking for dogs to interact with their kids, but I am more of an older kid kind of dog (age 12 and up). I need someone that is dog savvy and wants to play with me. The young kids that can’t read my body language when I am uncomfortable are the ones that I don’t interact well with. At my previous home, I did live with a small child, and they didn’t understand about not standing over me, getting in my face, or me not wanting to be startled awake. I get it, kids have a lot to learn when it comes to doggie language. The humans can go over the two biting incidents that led to my return. Don’t be afraid to interact with me though, I am goofy boy who loves kisses. You will see that within 2 seconds of meeting me. So talk to the humans about setting up a time to meet me or come to open adoptions on Wednesday nights or Saturday afternoons and we can see if we are a match.

Love, Kobe


P.S. Fun fact! I came to ODHS as a young puppy, with my siblings and mom. We were rescued from South Carolina as Hurricane Dorian (CAT 5) was impending landfall. My original ODHS name was Dorian!



All items above can be shipped or dropped off at 3602 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408 or dropped off at our adoption center during open hours.


Adoptions events are: Wednesdays 4-7pm, Thursdays
4-7pm (appointment only), & Saturdays 12-4pm. Applications in advance are preferred and take priority over walk-ins.

Open adoption events will occur most Wednesday's and Saturday's and will also be communicated via Facebook posts.



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