Hi, my name is Lily! They may call me a “senior”, but at about 7 years old and 60lbs, I am still spry and full of life! I love going on adventures, whether it be a car ride, a walk, a jog, or a hike, I’m up for it!

•Loving family pet: I do great with kids and would love a family all on my own to take me to training and on so many other adventures!
•Social "dog" stancing: I do not like dogs or cats, so please keep them away from me. Although I love adventures, I also love just chilling by you on the couch and watching some TV. And I have lived in a home before, so I have good house manners and should be able to catch onto your home routine in no time! I am not aggressive when a dog is in sight, only when they begin to get close to me.
•I have great potty manners when on Proin (an aid in bladder leakage). But hey, I'm an old gal with a bladder that doesn't cooperate with me. I do really great with a consistent schedule. If given free access to water, I will drink way too much, so please provide me a limited intake of what I need. Suggestion is to put it directly in my kibble at meal times and then you control the intake and when I would need to go out for potty.
•In my old home, I had a doggy door, so I am really good at using that. I will go outside to use the bathroom on my own if so.
•I seemed to have the most potty accidents overnight, so crating me for my decompression period, and being very consistent with let outs will be key. In my most recent foster home, I was crated overnight and didn't have issues with overnight pee accidents, so I know I am capable. I won't be a dog that can consistently hold her pee for 10-12 hours a day though.
•I have great house manners. I don’t ask for food that isn’t mine, and I am kind and considerate of my humans’ belongings!
•I get skittish during thunderstorms or other situations with loud noises, but I usually can be distracted, or sit in my crate until the coast is clear.
•I know basic commands, and am a very good listener!
•I do great in a crate, and enjoy going there when I need a break or feel scared. •I am working on going new places without being too nervous, and am getting adjusted to normal house sounds.
•I am great on a leash and love to stop and smell! I'm very mellow, and could use a forever friend to enjoy the day with!

So do we sound like a match? I promise to be a good girl and give you lots of love in my last years that I have left.


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